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Mom Favorite-Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding System



My mom favorite is hands down The Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding System! It completely eliminates a lot of breastfeeding hassles. The breast milk storage bags can be attached directly to your pump so you don’t have to worry about transferring your milk, and possibly spilling that liquid gold! Once you’re ready to feed your little one, you just pop on a nipple and you can feed right from the storage bag. They are easy to freeze or store in the fridge with the breast milk organizer as well. The Kozii Breast Milk Warmer in this set is amazing! You can warm the milk in the storage bag, or in any bottle. It can be used to heat baby food, making it an item you will use as your baby grows and explores purees. This set takes the guesswork out of heating milk and baby food, no need to worry about getting the temperature just right. It saves you time when pumping and preparing bottles, and you just toss the storage bags when baby is done! Minimal clean up! Now that is a beautiful thing. I personally bought my set at Amazon. You can click the link to get yours!!


Description from Target:

“This Kiinde Gift Set contains: 20 Twist Pouches, 1 Keeper Breast Milk Organizer, 2 Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottles, 1 Slow-Flow Active Latch Nipple, 1 Medium-Flow Active Latch Nipple and 1 Fast-Flow Active Latch Nipple. 1 Kozii Breast Milk Warmer and 2 Nipple Brushes. All components in the Twist Feeding System  are BPA-, Pthalate- and PVC-free.”

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