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Is your first camping trip with your baby or toddler coming up? Are you just as stressed out as I was?! Luckily with the help of my sister in law, Amber, we had brought all the essentials to have a low stress and most importantly, fun camping trip with our toddlers!


I think I was particularly worried for this trip because my little boy (almost 13 months) isn’t walking yet while his cousin (16 months) is. I knew keeping him safe while crawling might be a little tricky. I didn’t know how he would do with an open campfire, if he would just constantly be trying to get into the neighboring campsite, or if he would manage to find something good and icky to chew on when we have our backs turned. With some grace from above and being prepared with lots of great items to make this trip easier on us, we all had a fantastic time. I still can’t get over how great our little’s did!




Some of these items are no brainers…but having a list of it all is helpful!

  1. Pack and play-For us, this was a must have! I had really been stressing about the sleeping situation for weeks before our trip. Will he be cold in the middle of the night and end up in bed with us? Will he wake up in the middle of the night like he still does sometimes at home? I was lucky that he didn’t have too much trouble getting to sleep, and I was happy knowing he was safely confined instead of just plopped on our air mattress. our dog kept going in and out of our tent to lay on the mattress anyways so that really wouldn’t have worked for us! We also used the pack and plays as a play pen during the day if we needed to prepare meals or corral the kids for a bit. My dear friend purchased this amazing pack n play for us for my baby shower! It even has an attachment for a little bassinet and a changing table which were amazing when our son was a newborn! Here’s the one my friend gifted me from Amazon!


2. Wagon- this wagon was a lifesaver! The kiddos had fun just going around in circles on our campsite and for the most part they enjoyed just sitting in it to play! I say “for the most part” because my little daredevil was more interested in figuring out how to get out of the wagon whether it was moving or not. Obviously the wagon was fun for walks through the campground, and when we needed firewood and ice from the park hosts we had an easy way to tow it. There are so many amazing wagons to choose from at reasonable prices!


3. Highchair- okay so this wasn’t really a must have, BUT it did provide a safe spot for one child to eat or snack while we were preparing meals or when we just needed a break. Don’t you just love that cute little strawberry covered face!! Please note that the padding smelled like camping afterwards! The cushion said to spot clean with a cloth and I stuck it in the wash and then hung to dry to get the smell out. Seems to have worked! You can find the same amazing 3 in 1 highchair that we have here.




4. Baby carrier- I personally have an Infantino carrier and my sister in law has a Ergobaby carrier. Depending on whether you enjoy carrying your kids this can easily be a must have. Since we were camping at the coast, the carriers were great for walking to the beach. In another area the wagon or a stroller would be fine. We tried the wagon on the sand and ended up ditching it halfway up the hill! My son has a thing for cans…mostly beer cans… and was going in for some on the left! Ha!





Now for some basics:

5. Sunscreen

6. Baby bug spray-I meant to pick up some when I was out and about before our trip and forgot. Next time I am going to order some off Amazon ahead of time. I did get a couple good bites so I wish I would have brought some!

7. Sleepsack or footie fleece jammies.

8. Lots of blankets for baby and you! Remember you will want more than you think at night AND a few for picnics on the ground! If you are bringing your pup, bring them an extra blanket too! Our poor lab was cold at night and ended up cuddling with us.

9. Sun hats for the kids-ours wouldn’t really wear them-but we tried.

10. Table cloth-My sister in law brought a really cute little table cloth that was perfect to wipe down after meals and kept the mess to a minimum. Best part we just tossed it after packing up.

11. Large plastic bin-another shout out to my sis in law, this was SO much easier than going to and from the tent riffling through bags to find the dry food. We had a crow problem in the early morning hours too so at least they couldn’t get to the food in the bin! We also prepped food on the lid of the bin and could take it off for easy cleaning. Multi-purpose win!

12. Make up removing wipes-I use these lavender wipes and love them. Great for easy washing without a trip to the bathrooms. Bring lots of baby wipes too. Trust me your little one will be eating dirt all day and you will want to wipe them up often.

13. Wet Ones antibacterial wipes and/or hand sanitizer. We were lucky to have running water at our site, but it was still really nice to have Wet Ones for quick washing after diaper changes. Thanks again Amber!

14. Baby Tylenol and Benadryl-just in case! We also brought allergy meds for us, Ibuprofen and Tums. We were happy to have the allergy medication that’s for sure!

15. Teething rings or toys-I didn’t bring teething rings and was lucky that they weren’t needed, but it would be great to have a couple rings in a ziplock that you can pop in the cooler just in case! I know I don’t want to be the one with the screaming kid in the middle of the night!

16. Diaper rash cream-I make sure to always have some butt paste!

17. New toy(s)-If possible get a couple new things for the kiddos to play with while you are setting up camp or to pull out if they get fussy. You can often find some little things at the dollar spot at Target. Luckily for us, my son just had his first birthday so I had some fun new things to bring. I didn’t open the sand toys that we got him until they were in need of some new stimulus. They seemed to enjoy the toys with or without the sand!


I hope this helps you with planning an amazing trip with your little one! I know we had such a fun time!




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